Complete Circle Celebrancy: Meet the Team

Although technically a one woman show, Complete Circle Celebrancy could not operate without my team of volunteers. They have various roles which are vital to the smooth operation of the business.

Greg is the operations manager/roadie/driver and generally helps out on site during the ceremony. You will often meet him at Expo’s etc where he knows me better than I know myself.

Erin is wonderful at Expos and functions where she is a professional representative of the brand. She is a great public speaker and mentor.

Meg controls and advises on social media, displays for events and photography. She is often the creative person assisting me with the visual aspects of advertising.

Aaron is my go to person when I need technical advice with communications, music, any technology question or assistance with building and set up of displays.

These are the people in my “tribe” who help Complete Circle Celebrancy perform at its peak…I am so grateful for them.