Congratulations! You’re Engaged


Now it’s time to plan your special day.

There may be a photographer and or videographer, DJ, florist, decorator, hair and makeup artist/s, ceremony location, reception venue, bridal cars/transport, cake, bridal party outfits, and the list goes on. And of course, a celebrant/priest/minister of religion.

All of these suppliers come with a price tag.

So it’s important to put it all into perspective.

If you just wanted a party, you wouldn’t be getting married.

However, getting married is a legal obligation between two people for the rest of your lives.

Therefore, the celebrant you choose is the most important part of your day – without them it’s just a big expensive party.

So please take into consideration why a celebrant charges what they do. Don’t necessarily choose the cheapest option.

You need to connect with your celebrant.

I spend around 30 hours on EVERY wedding. Each ceremony is unique.

There is a rehearsal

Legal documentation to fill out

Your marriage has to be lodged with the Births Deaths and Marriages in the state you got married.

We have travel costs

We have to complete Ongoing Professional Development every year We have to purchase the software to operate our business with We also have to purchase your Presentation Certificates (which are legal documents) and the envelopes they come in And that’s not all …….. we all have different expenses to consider depending on location, travel etc.

So after all of that, depending on the celebrant and what they are charging, 90% or more of us are still the cheapest part of your special day, yet without us you’re not legally married.

I hope this has put it into perspective for you.

Have a great day!

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