Secret Garden Wedding

Kayla and Harley’s Secret Garden Wedding

A secret garden wedding immediately appealed to Kayla and Harley! Kayla and Harley are the most lovely couple. They have already been together for twelve years and have two of the most delightful little daughters imaginable!

When we started chatting  Kayla  was very unsure about what style of wedding she wanted or where it could be held. She knew she wanted a very private, intimate ceremony with immediate family and a few of their closest friends but couldn’t think of anywhere that would suit. Thankfully, I was able to suggest the secret garden of Bishop’s Court Bed and Breakfast. I had been there before and knew just how private and romantic it could be! Even better is the fact that it is right in the heart of Bendigo and within walking distance of restaurants and accommodation. As a Bed and Breakfast , Bishop’s Court also provided accommodation for our couple during their dressing and overnight.


Style and inclusions for a Secret Garden Wedding...

Kayla described her idea as a cross between vintage and boho. We brainstormed some ways to make that happen.We decided to have a hand fasting in the boho/ traditional style.  Then we decided on some ways to include their little angels. I suggested that the girls were each given a role to pass the rings to mummy and daddy. They could also   “sign” a Family Certificate after the official signing.

I  found out after the ceremony that Kayla wore the same wedding dress that had been made by her grandmother for Kayla’s mother 40 years ago! What a beautiful honour! Kayla looked absolutely stunning and it was the perfect blend of vintage and modern styling!

It was a magical day at Bishop’s Court for Kayla and Haley’s secret garden wedding!

Celebrant: Vicki Coghill

Venue: Bishop’s Court Bed and Breakfast

Photographer: Christine Treacy Photography

Reception:The Rifle Brigade Hotel