Surprise Wedding

A Surprise Wedding!

A Surprise wedding can be a lot of fun… particularly if you can combine it with another event such as a milestone birthday or engagement! They are also cost effective and can be less stressful than a more traditional wedding!

Here are my top tips to make it run smoothly…

My Top Ten Tips for a Surprise Wedding

1. Planning: Choose a location that you like but will lend itself to an element of surprise i.e. has another entrance/room to prepare or move into.

2. Work with your celebrant– they will have ideas on when and how to announce the marriage, ceremony ideas and the things you will need to make it all work. Decide on the cover story or plan the entrance of the celebrant.

3. Work with the venue: they may be able to offer you a room to change, supply of equipment ( sound system, disguised signing table etc) or even a set up in a separate room.

4. Invitations– be specific about time, dress code etc Try to add a reason to be there on time e.g.dinner served at 8pm.

5. Keeping the secret: Who will know, as you may need help to get things done. Decide who you can trust and word them up. Decide whether you are going to tell your parents/siblings. if not, be aware that they may be upset.

6. Missing guests: What are you going to do if someone is late or doesn’t turn up? Pick a cut off time and stick to it.

7. The reveal: who will make the announcement? How will it be done?

8. The ceremony: worked out with your celebrant. You could have a rehearsal at another venue e.g home or celebrant’s office so you know what you need to do.

9.Witnesses: Make sure the people you have chosen as your witnesses can see and hear during the ceremony and signing.

10.  You are MARRIED! Get ready to enjoy your party!